DIY Projects Inspired by Pinterest.com

Next DIY Project post arriving shortly!

Just about finished with my next project for the blog. Its a combination of two posts from pinterest, chalkboard wine glasses and glittered wine glasses. I glittered the stems of 4 red and 4 white wine glasses, and then used chalkboard paint on the bases! Can’t wait to post the info and show how they came out. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to be creative with taping gauze pads to my back to cover my two incisions from my back surgery a few weeks ago. I’m severely allergic to adhesive and the paper tape is the only thing I can use. I have to constantly rotate where I tape the gauze and how I tape it. Any ideas are much appreciated because this is definitely my worst tape job yet!Image

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Hello world!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog that was inspired by the projects I have made from pinterest.com. I will be posting pictures and explanations of how I made each item, along with links to the original ideas that I found on pinterest. Please feel free to leave any feedback, comments, suggestions, or even ideas that you would like me to try out! I hope you enjoy this and I hope I can get some projects up soon. Look for some posts in the next few days on how to make a homemade coral, seagreen, and rose chain bracelet, as well as glittered chalkboard wine and champagne glasses, and a diy jewelry organizer made out of a spice rack!

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