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Glittered Ornaments 7-31-12

on July 31, 2012

ImageI have had some clear ornaments hanging around in my room since this past holiday season that I had meant to paint and give as Christmas gifts to some of my friends in nursing school. On pinterest, I found a lot of cool posts about how to make your own glittered ornaments and I decided to try it out! I only had three ornaments left cause I had ruined one back in December haha. The pin I found on pinterest for the idea can be found here: http://jamesandleighann.blogspot.com/2011/12/diy-glitter-ornaments.html

Pledge or some sort of wood floor oil
Clear ornaments
Glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter in Purple and Gold for LSU colors)
Cups (I used a few Dixie cups)
So this literally takes just a few minutes to do. First prepare your glitter that you want the ornament to be. I did one in purple, one in gold, and then one that had both the purple and gold glitter in it. Then take the floor oil and pour some in one of the ornaments. Slowly turn the ornament over to make sure the entire inside is covered. Then pour the remaining oil into one of the cups so it can be used on the remaining ornaments.
ImageNext pour your prepared glitter into the already oiled ornament and slowly turn it over to make sure the entire inside is covered. After the entire thing is covered, I dumped the remaining glitter that was left in the ornament back into the cup. Then I used it for a “second coat” and emptied out the ornament once again. This literally took me 2 minutes per ornament! I was left with three gorgeous ornaments that I can go ahead and personalize later on for some perfect Christmas gifts for friends!


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