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DIY Coral, Sea Green, Rose Chain Bracelet 7-8-12

on July 8, 2012

So I found this really cute DIY bracelet on pinterest the other day but any time I clicked the pin, it just took me to a picture of the bracelet, no instructions or anything:


I thought it was really adorable and it looked fairly easy enough to make, so I decided to make a trip to Michaels and I was able to find everything I needed! They look pretty similar right? The only thing I did differently was I decided to braid the embroidery floss before braiding them with the chain.


  1. DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss in Coral (#351) – 1 bunch, $0.35
  2. DMB Cotton Embroidery Floss in Medium Sea Green (#959) – 1 bunch, $0.35
  3. Bead Landing Chain in Light Rose Gold (96”) – 1 pack, $3.99
  4. Bead Landing Findings package in Light Rose Gold (100 pieces) – 1 pack, $3.99
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape
  7. Wire Cutters (or just use your scissors but be careful!)
  8. Bobby pin (optional)
  9. Tacky glue (optional)


Image                                Image


  1. Take one of the colors of embroidery floss. I chose the medium sea green to work with first. I cut the floss into one piece that was about 12” long. I chose this length because I have very small wrists and it gave me more than enough length for the bracelet. I cut 16 equal pieces total.
  2. Then I took one of the circle jump rings and threaded the seagreen floss through it and tied it in a knot. Make sure to pull each strand separately so that the knot is as tight as it can be!Image
  3. Next I hooked the bobby pin to the jump ring and taped it down to my working surface so that I could braid it without it moving around.
  4. Since there are 16 pieces, I decided that the left and right strands would have 5 pieces each, and the middle strand would have 6 pieces. Then I proceded to braid all the way down until the piece was about an inch longer than needed to fit around my wrist. Once I got to that point, I threaded the floss through a second jump ring and knotted it. Then I pulled each strand tight again like I did at the beginning.
  5. Proceed to repeat steps 1-4 with the coral embroidery floss. When you are finished braiding it, you should have two strands of equal length.
  6. Next I took the rose gold chain out of its package and carefully using my wire cutters, I cut the chain into 6 pieces that were almost the same length as the braided floss pieces. I then strung each one on the jump ring using the first loop of the chain pieces and the last loop of the chain pieces.
  7. After this, I added three more jump rings to one of the original ones from the step above and then attached the clasp piece to the last jump ring. This should give you a total of 4 jump rings attached to one another with a clasp at the end. This will become the “top” of the bracelet. Then to the bottom, I added 4 jump rings to the original one, which gives you a total of 5 jump rings attached to the bottom.
  8. Now to the “top” of the bracelet, I attached the sea green and coral braids to the jump ring that the clasp was attached to. Make sure that you have the sea green on one side of the chains, and the coral on the other, with the clasp outside of one of the colors so that it doesn’t get caught in the braiding.
  9. I once again attached the bobby pin to the bracelet, but this time to the jump ring that had the clasp on it. I taped down the actual bobby pin to my surface and loosely braided the chains, sea green braid, and coral braid together. Once I got all the way to the bottom, I attached the jump rings of the coral and sea green braids to the 3rd jump ring on the chain. This should leave two extra jump rings hanging off the end for the clasp to attach to.Image
  10. This next step is optional, but to keep the embroidery floss from unraveling, I like to rub tacky glue all over the knot of the braids, through the jump rings, and also to the hanging extra pieces. To me in my mind, this helps keep them from unraveling or from untying, but its just something you’ll have to keep an eye on. Let the tacky glue dry for a while before trimming the end pieces down. I like to apply at least 2 coats just to make sure.
  11. When trimming the end pieces, make sure not to trim TOO close, otherwise the chances of it untying or unraveling are greater. If you have any suggestions as to how to clip off the ends without having to worry about that, please let me know!
  12. Remember that if your bracelet isn’t long enough, you can keep adding jump rings until it is, or you can unbraid everything (as long as you haven’t glued it yet!) and make the braids longer. Just remember that once you cut the chains, you’re stuck with them at the length that you originally chose.

So here is the end result!!!!


For another variation and to make it more like the original picture from pinterest, you can leave the embroidery pieces as is and just braid them with the chain like normal. It will look like this:

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of how I made this bracelet, please let me know if you have any questions! – Laurie


7 responses to “DIY Coral, Sea Green, Rose Chain Bracelet 7-8-12

  1. Helene says:

    Nice. Great instructions and photos. I think I’ll try one in silver.

  2. Rocio says:

    SO CUTE! Why can’t you be here in Houston so we can do crafts together?

  3. Elaine says:

    So cute and easy to follow! Tempted to run to Michael’s today…

  4. Joanna Hody says:

    Adorable!! I love that you’ve caught the crafty bug!

  5. hannahjane6 says:

    I love the colors. Coral and Turquoise complement each other really well!

    • kleinlg says:

      Thanks so much hannahjane6! I felt the same way too, and the rose gold kind of helps it go with everything! Rose gold has helped me get over my fear of mixing silver and gold together haha. Your blog looks great too!

  6. Alex Marques says:

    I am a coral fanatic! I absolutely love your bracelet, and your step-by-step pics. Awesome job Laurie!!!

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